Friday, 17 May 2019

Science in a Van

On Friday we went to the hall to watch Science in a van. They did lots of cool science tricks like balancing lots of different things. One of the experiments they did was put dry ice into a little container with water and made it explode. They also explained the periodic table to all of us. Here are some pictures of science in a van.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Up Up and Away- Dr Seuss

This is my hot air balloon that we created to show that our goals are going to take up to new heights.

Growth Mindset-Goal Bunting

Each student in room six has made a bunting triangle to show our Growth Mindset goal and motto that we want to work on. Come and check them out!

Jesus Strand-Religious Educatioin

During term one we have been learning about Jesus the Son of God. This is my cube on how Jesus showed us that God loved us all as His children. We are all blessed with the gifts of faith,hope and love.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Saint Joseph's Day Tabloid Sports

Tuesday 19th March was St Joseph’s Day Feast Day. The whole school attended mass to celebrate the leadership Saint Joseph showed. Saint Joseph is also special to our school because Saint MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph were inspired by Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is also the foster father of Jesus. The following day, the whole school came together to celebrate with fun tabloid sports in our houses. We all got to play so many fun and exciting games. Thank you to our leaders who prepared this.

Friday, 15 March 2019

My Accident Story

The Day I Flew 
February 2019 
By: Xavier P. 

I am learning to: entertain my audience through a recount 

A long time ago in a mystical land of bounciness, there was me Xavier bouncing on a trampoline. Feeling that I was cool doing all my magical tricks and flips. Then the evil wizard, Hugo (my cousin) entered the arena. Once he entered the trampoline that is when the trouble started. See Hugo could bounce higher than me, pull off coolier tricks than me and also double bounce. Hugo entered the arena and then the double bouncing began...

At that very moment with every double bounce I felt like I was flying, flying like a bird but that feeling didn’t last long. In a blink of an eye, I was now flying over the net, flying out onto the ground. SMACK! I was on the ground screaming in pain, with a broken arm, snapped through the middle and a fractured leg.

My mum rushed me off to the A&E with me in pain from here to christmas. I had a cast on my leg for the rest of summer and another cast on my arm till midway of the first school term. It was hard to have a bath because I had to put on a cast protector for my legs and keep my arm out of the water, but it was alright because I got to play on my ipad lots and got to do lot of fun stuff. But I promise you that is the last time I take flying lessons from Hugo.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday. We all had a great day in room 6. The festivities started with the burning of the ashes on the turf. This was a new and exciting experience that not many of us had seen before.
Later on during Religious Education we learnt more about Shrove Tuesday and Lent. People used to get rid of all their luxury items such as flour, sugar, butter, eggs and milk by making pancakes. We were even able to enjoy some pancakes of our own. We all thought it was a great start to lent and we are looking forward to the lenten season as we prepare for the death and resurrection of Jesus. We are the season of Lent and it is a time of preparation.